What It’s not about

Here is what it is not:

It is not about school doors (how many or whether they were open or closed).

It is not about school safety officers (armed or not, competent or not).

It is not about making sure safety drills are carried out regularly.

It is not about how long it took the S.W.A.T. team to arrive.

It is not about social media failing to flag dangerous posts.

It is not about more mental health resources available for people who are sick.

It is not about kids spending hours in dark rooms playing violent video games.

It is not about single parent homes or lack of money any more than it is about middle-class two-parent homes.

Here’s the only thing it is about:  An eighteen-year-old child was allowed to buy two weapons of war that killed children and teachers in a manner so gruesome that it took DNA samples to identify their innocent bodies.

Until we stop changing the subject and admit the truth, we are lost. No more thoughts and prayers. I can’t even stand to watch your mouths move anymore.

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